Sometimes not everything goes to plan…

Sadly we have to report that the “Team America” Ark design GTR will not make it to WTAC as planned.

“About three weeks ago we discovered an error in the shipping and the Ark Design GTR has been sent to China by mistake” said Superlap CEO Ian Baker “Since then we have worked day and night to try to find a resolution to get this car here.”

“We have been prepared to airfreight this vehicle at our own expense but sadly it is simply impossible to have a car cleared by Chinese Customs in time particularly when the paperwork attached does not match the point of destination. We have been working with Eric Hsu and Andy Chen to make this happen but unfortunately by the time the car can released it will be all too late.”

“To say we are all dissapointed is an understatement. I must make it very clear that the responsibility of this mistake was entirely by the shipping company (who at this point we have chosen not name) and not the fault of any of Superlap Staff, Ark design staff or the shipping agents in either country, and certainly both Eric Hsu and Andy Chen both have committed to come back in 2013 with a much more refined weapon that will be tuned to win”

“Sadly this is something we have zero control over.” said Eric Hsu “The Australian guys have done everything in their power to rectify what is essentially a sad situation. The upside is that we are still here for the best time attack event in the world, and I will take it in as spectator for a change and maybe help a few local teams a bit, but we will be back 100% in 2013!”

It is no secret that Eric Hsu has become ‘hot property’ in pit lane at WTAC with many teams scrambling to secure his help now that he is not competing.

The upside is that all the other cars are here safe and sound and we are in for the biggest time attack showdown in the world in this weekend! Don’t miss it!