In a class dominated by mega modified workshop cars piloted by professional drivers, the Sonic Interactive Lancer Evo 9 GT is a breath of fresh air.

With a Vipec v88 ecu tuned on E85, straight through exhaust, MCA coilovers, whiteline gear, CF bonnet and boot, Voltex GT wing and running 265/35/18 Advan A050 tyres, this comparatively mildly modified Evo sets a precedent that horsepower isn’t everything. Well thought-out handling mods are just as, if not more, important than outright horsepower.

Having been bought as a stock evo 9 GT in January 2010, the car has spent the last few months being built into one of the quickest track evo’s in the country. A 1.42.1 in testing at Eastern Creek last week, with more tweaks to go before the event, will ensure this car is a competitive force and will fly the Mitsubishi flag high in Open class.

“This car is sensible and reliable, it’s not a fire-breathing monster compared to many of our rivals’ machines but it holds its own on track and has produced some very quick lap times recently. The Evo 9 is a very good car out of the box and reacts well to simple power and handling mods. Throw in some E85 and you don’t need to remortgage the house or own a tuning workshop to have a competitive car. With more seat time I am sure we can improve further and we’ll be out with guns blazing at WTAC in an attempt to keep the workshops and pro drivers honest.”, Michael says.

The car will be steered by Michael Hiscoe, veteran of the previous two Superlap events and director of the website and graphic design studio, Sonic Interactive.

Read more about the car here.