Anyone that made it to the first Australian Superlap in 2008 will remember the two controversial Lotus Elises that were so dominant at the Oran Park Circuit with Peter Lucas managing to show the field a clean pair of heels in a yellow Honda-powered Elise.


For 2010 J and S Motorsport have entered a two-car Lotus team in the World Time Attack challenge with Peter Lucas piloting the blue car (kindly lent by Tim and Dave at Kirrapak) and Justin Levis in the identical spec red one.

Do not for one second  be fooled by the 320hp @ the wheels on the spec sheet because these little cars are serious “Davids” in amongst the “Goliaths.”

As Colin Chapman so famously said all those years ago “if you want to go fast add lightness” and weighing in at just over 800kg (incl the driver!) these car really fit that bill. Thanks to a carbon fibre diet and powered by super reliable 1998cc Honda K20A engines fitted with a Jackson Superchargers they certainly have a serious sting in their tails!

According to their entry forms both of these cars have lapped Eastern Creek in around 1.34 seconds on slick tyres and you can bet that they  will not be too far of these times when the R type tyres are fitted as these lightweights do not rely on a sticky tyre as much as big powerful full-size cars.

Whatever the case this team will be one that we expect to surprise more than a few people when the flag drops in May!

See the full spec sheet for this car here.