Team Sweden enters the Challenge! Record-breaking Porsche 968 from Revline Racing

For the first time ever at WTAC, we welcome Sweden to the Challenge! Revline Racing from Stockholm aren’t doing anything by halves and are sending this amazing Porsche 968 for their Royal Purple Pro Class debut. In a class once dominated by the formidable Mitsubishi Evolution, now we are not seeing only one, but TWO Porsche 968’s in Royal Purple Pro Class! How times have changed in the last decade!

The car’s owner Gustaf Burström is a self-employed e-commerce consultant by day, and a race car builder at night – a story well known to us, and proof that the spirit of time attack resonates globally. What do you name a car that you build to go up against the RP968’s Thor? ‘Hulk’, of course. 

“I’ve always been fascinated by improving the car. I got addicted to lap times and as I find it very stimulating to figure out technical solutions and improve things I quickly got hooked,” says Burström.

“If you like lap times and technical improvements, time attack is the ultimate playground!”

When we once thought the RP968 was a dark horse, we now know this is a very capable chassis and the balance of these cars with a potent engine package and strong transaxle set up can reap some incredible results on the track.

The exterior exudes the quintessential time attack look, big wings and splitters and dripping in carbon. The Hulk’s aero package has been developed by none other than Andrew Brilliant at AMB Aero, and feature his signature infinity wings up front.

The four-banger Porsche 968 engine has a capacity of 3.1L and is boosted by a BorgWarner EFR 9280 with 1.45 AR turbine. In control of it all is an Australian-made Haltech Elite 2500 ECU.

The engine has been tested to 950BHP at full boost, and the team have hinted at an ’11’ mode on the boost knob – something up their sleeve if they ever need it come race day.

Keeping the car upright and the tyres on the ground is a heavy-duty suspension package featuring custom chromoly double A-arms up front and a multi-link rear suspension setup from a Porsche 996 Cup car. Öhlins ILX36 dampers with Eibach springs iron out the bumps all-round.

“The most recent, and by far the biggest, achievement when pro driver Alx Danielsson crushed the lap record for production-based cars at Mantorp Park, our reference track for fast cars here in Sweden. The lap time 1:12.1 was almost 2.5 sec faster than the previous record.”

Check out the record lap with Alx Danielsson below: 

Alx Danielsson will be driving the Revline Porsche at WTAC in Sydney in Pro Class. He was a Renault Formula 1 test driver and won the World Series by Renault in 2006 and has experience from everything from Monster Trucks to Formula 1 cars. It will not be a familiar track to him, but the odds are likely he will pick it up quite easily.

Gustaf, however, is no stranger to SMSP, driving our famous course back in 2017 with a Radical and none other than Bart Mawer as his instructor! He will drive his own car in Pro Am, in a double-entry system we will reveal more about in the coming weeks.

When asked what he looks forward to most in 2019, Gustaf replied, “To be part of the biggest Time Attack show in the world after being a fan since the very beginning. I would never had thought this to be possible when I started my journey. I get very emotional just by thinking about seeing the car roll out to represent Sweden at World Time Attack.”

Photos thanks to PontusBFoto:

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