In a workshop in western Sydney the lights have been burning late into the night for the past few months as the BSM motorsport R32 GTR has undergone a full and thorough makeover to ensure it has what it takes to go head to head with the World’s fastest in the highly prestigious Wynns Pro Class.

This team has years of experience racing GTRs and have set lap records around the country in various classes of circuit racing before focusing on building a pure time attack car. The car is in fact the same vehicle that was previously campaigned in the Improved production category  however is now in a  much more radical guise.

“This car is now the product of everything we have learnt over the years” explained team principle Jeff Brandstater. “ When we heard the big boys were coming to race in our backyard we just had to be a part of it” The car is powered by high horsepower dry sump RB26 that has reportedly found “much more mid range and top end thanks to some careful tuning on Elf racing fuel”.

With the highly experienced David Loftus behind the wheel the car has also undergone an extensive aero and suspension development program with months of testing resulting in David’s confident comment “We are ready to step up to the plate, we will be doing everything in our power to keep the trophy in Australia.

Read the full spec list here.