The worlds best AE86 just had a makeover ready for DK!

We can now confirm Keiichi Tsuchiya will be competing in Open Class at WTAC in the Toyota Genuine Parts AE86 which has undergone a complete makeover from “drift” to “grip” to ensure it is the absolute pinnacle when it hits the track at Sydney Motorsport Park in a little over a weeks time.

The car has been stripped bare at Sydney based Hypertune and converted to “time attack spec” over a several month period with parts being shipped in from around the world and many bespoke parts fabricated or created from scratch on the company’s CNC machines.

“As I had no intention of ever drifting this car in competition again, the option to turn it into a way-cool track car was always in the back of my mind” said Beau Yates “When the guys spoke to me about Keiichi returning in 2018 and needing a car to compete in, well I guess it really got me thinking, and really, it just snowballed! If we were going to do it then it had to be done properly as I can’t have him in a second rate car. He has had a long association with Toyota, so it all fits really well for my sponsor Toyota Genuine Parts and the guys at Hypertune have been amazing as usual. So for 2018 we have a two car Toyota team with Keiichi in Open Class in Time Attack and I will be in my GT86 in the International Drifting Cup. We will be there to put on one hell of a show!”

First thing to go was the “H-pattern” transmission replaced with a Sequential Sadev 6 Speed that originally lived in the GT86 drift car. The FT86 now uses a Samsonas with a higher torque rating making the lighter Sadev box perfect for the AE86

The entire rear end was also removed and a complete equal length 4-link fabricated with an adjustable watts linkage for adjustable roll centre and a custom differential manufactured by Race Products in Queensland.


The old coilovers were relegated to the parts bin and in their place a brand new set of MCA Gold units specially valved and setup for the AE86 weight. The doors were replaced by some ultra light dry carbon units from Carbon Junkie in Japan who are the same guys involved with Under Suzuki. Carbon Junkie also made the bonnet which is a trick vented dry carbon unit. The front bumper is a custom JSAI unit with the splitter fabricated in house by the Hypertune team.

The ECU has been replaced by the latest Emtron KV8 unit and will run increased boost pressure in time attack trim. Power output is expected to be around the 475kw mark. Brakes have been replaced by AP Racing units with custom mounts all fabricated in house by Hypertune

But one of the biggest upgrades was the installation of a BOSCH Motorsport ABS unit. While the common practice in late model cars is to remove the factory ABS units and replace with a mechanical pedal box, this standalone ABS unit will prove to be a game changer in classes that allow its use.

Unlike OEM units designed for road going conditions this offers the benefits that conventional ABS offers, but is solely designed for racing and designed by some of the smartest brains in the world. Bosch Motorsport is involved in all forms of motorsport from F1, WRC, Indycar, WEC and much more and the data gathered from such exploits allows them to develop bespoke products such as this. We certainly cant wait to hear Tsuchiya’s opinion of this new product!

“All I can say is you truly need to see this car in the flesh to truly appreciate the build quality” said Superlap CEO Ian Baker “I have known Mark Bissett from Hypertune since the early nineties back when he was an aircraft engineer with Qantas and his pursuit for perfection has never wavered. It is instilled throughout his entire team there today. To look at this car you would think it was built by a big dollar factory team not a bunch of passionate mates in a shed in Ingleburn. It is amazing down to every last detail. It is a real credit to Beau too who has been in there every day getting his hands dirty. If there is a better AE86 anywhere on the planet I would like to see it. I am pretty sure DK will agree with me on this. And what a show for the fans trackside and worldwide. Keiichi Tsuchiya competing in the worlds best AE86! Bring it on!”

This car has been Beau Yates personal ride for many years and winning the national drift championship (Drift Australia) way back when, Tectaloy Drift Challenge in 2010 and many other national drift events before being badly damaged in a crash during practice for WTAC 2013 Drift show. It was then rebuilt again to an even higher standard and given to Tsuchiya for full track “drift demonstrations” at WTAC 2016. Now it is truly in its FINAL STAGE as probably the coolest time attack AE86 on the planet!