After completing his first full D1NZ season earlier this year, Carl Thompson is back at Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge 2018 for the International Drifting Cup presented by Garrett Advancing Motion.

While he may have had a ‘bad boy of drift’ image in the past, the Kiwi (Instagram – @fatboydrift) now has a whole new focus following his inaugural D1NZ championship in which he finished 10th.

You can follow Carl Thompson on instagram at @fatboydrift

“Prior to D1NZ I had never really done any proper competition – I had done cool events and battled here and there, but I had never actually gone into competition,” Thompson explained.

“I said to myself, I will go to D1NZ and see if I like it, see how I go. And then I got hooked on the first one! We just keep going there and keep trying to improve – you are always chasing something, and it is generally the driving,” he laughed.

“(The result) was obviously pretty good for my confidence in my first year, and we will be striving for a bit more (next year).”

Thompson is supported by Falken and Speedflow as well as Holinger, amongst others

Thompson will be competing aboard the #666 Falken/Speedflow Nissan Silvia S15 for the International Drifting Cup presented by Garrett Advancing Motion, which kicks off this evening at Sydney Motorsport Park.

“I am just focused on getting into the top eight – just focus on the first part. I think it you get too excited or over eager, you just end up looking like a muppet at some point or another,” Thompson said.

“That is how I always do it in New Zealand – focus on the first part of it and if that works out, you then move on. You just focus on it one by one.”

Thompson’s entry has a 454 cubic-inch small block Chevy based on an LS

The entry is supported by Falken and Speedflow and the livery it is sporting this weekend will be run into the 2019 D1NZ season which commences early next year.  

 “This car for me represents more of a competition-based car – it is a bit lighter and more nimble. We chose to put a dirty big V8 in it – I just wanted to focus on improving my driving more and I felt like this was a really good platform for reliability and allows me to focus on set-up and not be chasing an engine package.

“It has a 454 cubic-inch small block Chevy based on an LS – they call it a War Hawk – it is a big stroke, big head engine which Marsh Motorsport in New Zealand has built for me, it puts out around 880 at the fly and is nice and strong.

Thompson says he wanted to “go with components that we knew wouldn’t break”

“We wanted to go with components that we knew wouldn’t break. We went with a quick change with the modifications, it has a different lower shaft, 35 spline axles, a Holinger engineering gearbox and a RD6 four-plate clutch – we just tried to go for as much stuff that was off the shelf as we could so we could duplicate it realy easily, and if something was made, we moulded it or jigged it so if we do decide to chase it more it is quite easy for me to do another one.

“This year Falken and Speedflow among others have come on board which is great for me as far as support, it means a lot to me actually just being able to stress a little less about the cost of things, it is huge,” Thompson said.

Thompson’s initial focus will be on making the ‘top eight’

The International Drifting Cup presented by Garrett Advancing Motion at Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge 2018 presented by Track Warrior will kick off this evening before continuing into Saturday.

The Cup employs a brand new and exciting race format this year, which follows the integration of a World Cup style event where drivers have been randomly drawn into pools and will face off from the word ‘go’ in two-car tandem battles. By eliminating qualifying and reducing down-time to a bare minimum, the idea is non-stop door banging action from the very first runs right through to the final showdown.

Each driver is guaranteed three battles each in the pool phase, which is split over the two evenings, with each battle scored using a Win, Lose or Draw scorecard. A win will score two points, a draw will score one point and a lose will attract zero points. The driver with the most amount of points from each pool will move onto the semi-finals where we will see the format return to a traditional ‘top eight’ style format ahead of the TTI Gearbox Top Four and Finals.

Before the drifting gets underway this evening, there is plenty more time attack action to come. For full details, check out the links below.