Top Fuel more serious than ever for 2014 assault.

It’s no secret that the Japanese teams have struggled to keep pace with the ultra-high powered and now well-developed Australian Pro Time Attack cars. But one team that absolutely refuses to give up is Mie based Honda tuner Top Fuel who along with Suzuka based aero specialist Voltex with what is unquestionably the world’s fastest S2000.

voltex wind tunnel

A new larger wing is one of the major aero improvements for 2014

“For many years the sport of time attack racing in Japan was strictly for tuning shops and parts suppliers to modify vehicles and test against each other and sell the parts that they were making” said Nakijima-san from Voltex Racing “but as soon as Nemo appeared in Australia in 2012 it appeared the whole landscape had changed as this was a car that was purpose built just to win world time attack and was nothing related to an actual commercial business but simply built to win one event”

voltex tunnel

Voltex will be using some of the lessons learnt on the Tilton Evo to improve the aero on the Top Fuel S2000

“My company Voltex Racing was fortunate that Kostya from Tilton Racing did not like being beaten and we were able to develop an aero kit strong enough for them to get them victory back in 2013. For 2014 we will be taking what we have learnt with the Tilton Evo and applying it to the Top Fuel/Voltex S2000 and chasing not only the fastest rear wheel drive vehicle but certainly outright as well.”

voltex main

“The car is now very powerful and well sorted and with considerable time spent back in the Mie wind tunnel the downforce numbers we are seeing this year it may just be possible. We would certainly like to make Japan proud once again.”


This will certainly make Nob Taniguchi a happy man once again as for the past few years he has struggled with the fact he did not have a weapon to take on the Australian cars and it may appear that 2014 is the year that Japan may once again be in the game!