Tsuchiya’s AE86 gets first laps on Track

As well as preparing his drift car for this year’s International Drifting Cup presented by Garrett Advancing Motion, Beau Yates has been tasked with building a Time Attack car for Keiichi Tsuchiya to run in the Link ECU Open Class, you can read the full story here

Yesterday the team had their first chance to get the car on track, it was a very nervous Yates as he watched the car go out to cut some early laps.

Tim Brook current Toyota 86 series driver got the call up to get behind the wheel and to give the AE86 a shake down before Tsuchiya gets behind the wheel. Yates hasn’t competed in a lot of circuit events, but hopes to be able to change that after this event. Yates was pleased with how Tim drove the car and more impressed to hear how good he thought it was from someone that owns, builds and drives his own race car.

“Its was awesome, pretty stoked they gave me the keys to be perfectly honest”
The first little bit we were bedding in brake pads and doing a system check before opening the car up more. Jumping to 100% throttle you certainly know your alive” said Brook

The team only had one small gremlin with an injector plug popping off but they sorted that after their last session and are ready to go today and think it should be possible for mid 30’s

Now that Brook has time behind the wheel, the plan will be to sit down with Tsuchiya to talk through what he has learned with this early test

We look forward to seeing what Tsuchiya can do in the car, be sure to be here on Friday and Saturday to see the times tumble.