Turbosmart Flying 500 Results – Fastest Ever! WTAC 2019

Speeeeed! There’s nothing else like it, and the crowds gathered at the Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge 2019 saw more of it during this year’s Turbosmart Flying 500 than ever before.

Having already hit a record 272km/h heading up the main straight yesterday, Lance Warren in the Precision Racing R35 GT-R obliterated the Flying 500 history books with a monstrous top speed of 291km/h on his second run to seal the win in emphatic fashion.

We have never seen anything that fast in the Flying 500 before. Will we see the elusive 300km/h mark eclipsed at WTAC 2020?

Second place went to Enzo Guarinoni in the Mick’s Motorsport Mitsubishi Evo, who launched hard out of the blocks and blazed to a staunch v-max of 281km/h. After the run, with the bonnet popped, we’re told one of the plug leads was loose and the engine running only on three cylinders…

Emmanuel Dalakakis worked without sleep through last night, pulling together the twin-turbo Hemi V8 under the bonnet of his Earl’s Performance Jeep Grand Cherokee. It was worth the effort, with its mighty top speed of 261km/h enough for third place this year.

Here are the full combined results from two days of the Turbosmart Flying 500 2019.


Lance Warren – R35 GT-R – 291km/h

Enzo Guarinoni – Evo IX – 281km/h

Emmanuel Dalakakis – Jeep Grand Cherokee – 261km/h

Joshua Khoury – R32 GT-R – 245km/h

Jason Rezo – Audi RS3 – 239km/h

Andrew Hawkins – R32 GT-R – 239km/h

Kristian Goleby – KE36 Corolla Wagon – 233km/h

Justin Lacy – Honda NSX – 212km/h

Eian Jones – Jeep Trackhawk SRT – 197km/h

Anthony Maatouk – R32 GT-R – 196km/h

Dennis O’Malley – R32 GT-R – 188km/h

Geoff Fear – Hyundai iMax Drift Van – 150km/h