Turbosmart Flying 500 Workshop Battle – Day One

10,000 horsepower. Workshop against workshop. Tyre against tarmac.

In the Turbosmart Flying 500 Workshop Battle, every car on track rolls into launch, attempting to convert the near 1000 horsepower in each competitors engine bay to the maximum velocity.

Held to the track with downforce and protesting rubber, these missiles screech to speeds of over 270km/h from Turn One past the stands, where onlookers cover their ears and widen their eyes.

With 11 of the toughest street cars on the property invited from some of Australia’s best workshops, each lined up and took their shot at holding the throttle flat the wrong way up the Sydney Motorsport Park main straight.

Friday Turbosmart Flying 500 Workshop Battle Results

Lance Warren – R35 GT-R – 272km/h
Enzo Guarinoni – Evo IX – 255km/h
Joshua Khoury – R32 GT-R – 245km/h
Andrew Hawkins – R32 GT-R – 219km/h
Kristian Goleby – KE36 Corolla Wagon – 213km/h
Jason Rezo – Audi RS3 – 206km/h
Justin Lacy – Honda NSX – 202km/h
Anthony Maatouk – R32 GT-R – 196km/h
Dennis O’Malley – R32 GT-R – 188km/h
Eian Jones – Jeep Trackhawk SRT – 170km/h
Geoff Fear – Hyundai iMax Drift Van – 150km/h

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