Under Suzuki resets Tsukuba lap record – again!

Just when you thought coming 2nd in the world’s most prestigious time attack event warranted some well-earned rest, Suzuki strikes again. This time at the circuit that many consider the birthplace of time attack – Tsukuba.


Unstoppable: Under Suzuki in full flight at Tsukuba. PHOTO: Smiley Shot.

For those who didn’t know, Suzuki-san already holds a lap record at Tsukuba with a time of 52:649. To get it, he had to beat Taniguchi’s long standing record, set in HKS CT230R, which he did in 2012.


Suzuki’s wide body S15 is Japan’s fastest time attack car and it just keeps getting faster!

Seems like Suzuki is the type of driver who doesn’t like resting on his laurels though. Only two short months after claiming the 2nd spot at the 2014 WTAC he was back at Tsukuba attacking his own lap record.


Powered by his an unsurpassed desire to win and carrying the dreams of privateers world-wide on his shoulders, Under Suzuki showed us a taste of what’s to come in 2015 by setting a new lap record with an amazing time of 52.363 seconds. Click play on the video below and watch the master at work!