Understanding WTAC: Superlap Shootout


Superlap Shootout gives the top 5 entrants in each class one extra session to clench that spot on the podium. Set in the dying stages of Day 2, the fastest five cars from each class will be assembled in pit lane and then sent out for a “three lap flyer” consisting of a warm up or sighting lap, one attack lap, and one cool down lap.

It is common knowledge that the track is faster in the cooler periods of the day so this is the time we can expect to see records tumble. With a clean, clear track you can expect the entrants to have everything set on “max” as they go for one last ditch attempt with the sun setting behind them.

Expect flames, sparks and glowing brake rotors as the boost is turned right up in one big grand finale that will be heaven for photographers and fans alike.

Superlap Shootout FAQs

When and where will the Superlap Shootout take place? After the final Pro Class Session on Saturday (Day 2), at approximately 5:15pm. The finalists will be using the same circuit (GP Circuit).

Who will compete in the Superlap Shootout? To be eligible for the shootout, the team will need to be in the top 5 of their particular class at end of the last official session on Saturday. If a competitor cannot compete due to mechanical failure then the next fastest competitor will be allocated their position.

Does the winner of the Superlap Shootout also automatically win the World Time Attack Challenge? No. The fastest time recorded during the entire event always wins the World Time Attack Challenge. However, since only the five fastest cars in each class are competing, there is a good chance that the winning lap time will be set during the Superlap Shootout. One thing that will definitely be decided during the Superlap Shootout is the podium order.

Why are the teams likely to set their fastest lap time during the Superlap Shootout? Three reasons; 1. they will be competing on a cool and clean track, 2. no traffic – since there are only 5 cars in each group each car will have a traffic-free hot lap – ideal for maximum attack, 3. because their best time from Friday and Saturday still counts, each team can only improve their podium chances, there will be NOTHING holding them back during this final assault.

Understanding WTAC

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