Van Gisbergen all smiles after MCA test day

Shane Van Gisbergen was all smiles after a testing the MCA S13 at Queensland Raceway in the leadup to WTAC 2014. MCA Suspension has become quite a force to be reckoned with in the Pro Class competition at WTAC and show no sign of slowing down in 2014.


“We know it is a serious ask against the all wheel drive cars but we will really be having a crack this year” said Josh Coote “We want to make sure we have every box ticked and we are in with the best possible chance”


Team Principle and former Australian Rally champion Murray Coote put down the first few laps to give the car the initial shakedown and ensure all systems were operating properly before putting an eager Van Gisbergen behind the wheel.

“We left the winglets off to begin with because they can be a bit vulnerable” said Coote  “and when you’re not looking at testing the handling, just the basic car operation, it’s not worth the risk.”


The Hammerhead sans front winglets. “They can be a bit vulnerable” says Murray Coote.

“Given it had been a while since we had run the car (since 2013 WTAC) we had forgotten how critical it was to charge the battery after every run, as our alternator is tiny and only just enough to maintain a decent charge while out on track, but it flattens quickly as it’s run off of the driveshaft, not the engine.  So of course then the battery died.

“After we swapped batteries Shane went back out, did a few runs and came in so we could check over everything.  Then went to leave again and thankfully we had a data logging guy with live streaming and noticed it didn’t have oil pressure now, so we parked it and found the factory oil filter neck had snapped off.”

“Thankfully we found it then, because as it turns out the bearings were already damaged just from a little idle and backing out of the pits.  But we only found that out after we brought it back to the workshop and pulled it down obviously, so that was the end of the first  test day.”


I haven’t driven a car with good aero for a while so to feel the winglets generate the grip they did was seriously cool! – SVG

The second day was far more successful according to Josh: “Shane hopped straight in it and took it for a few hard laps.  Said it felt fine but had a little  bit of understeer.  It was interesting to see from outside how much the car squatted at the back and lifted at the front with no front winglets attached.”

“Then we put the winglets on and it seriously transformed the car.  The car sat nice and flat and it was obviously a lot better to drive. Shane came in and was amazed at how much of a difference they made.”


SVG managed an unofficial 50.6 lap time which makes the Hammerhead the fastest tin top around the clubman track at QR.

“After that it was just a case of testing and changing various parts of the cars setup to see where some gains in balance and traction could be made.It was obvious to us even watching the car out on track that all the improvements that have been made to the car this year have really paid off.”

“We managed an unofficial 50.6 lap time which is easily the fastest tin top around the clubman track at Queensland Raceway ever and a sure sign of things to come.We went home with a few minor things to work on, but the main mission being getting our billet block built and in the car ready for dyno and then World Time Attack.”


“It was awesome to get in a few laps in the MCA Hammerhead” said Van Gisbergen  “It is awesome to be able to drive a car as fast as you want to rather than the car allows. I haven’t driven a car with good aero for a while so to feel the winglets generate the grip they did was seriously cool! “


3rd in 2012, 2nd in 2013, can MCA go one step further in 2014? Only time will tell.

“I’m looking forward to attacking Sydney Motorsport Park with its fast and flowing corners. I think it will be awesome to be much faster than a Supercar on ‘street’ tyres. I’ve been following the event for a few years with interest and love the cars that come out for it each year. Can’t wait to be a part of it this year!”


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