WBT Racing Skyline ready to take on Link Open Class

The team from World’s Best Technology Racing is back for another attempt at the Link ECU Open Class in 2018. Behind the wheel again this year is experienced Motorsport personality, Steve Johnson. 

The WBT team have been busy making improvements to the R33 GTR, which include working with the suspension to help the car work better with its Aero package. 

Getting early testing for the team was crucial as the car is running a new Motec system, so they have been wanting to make sure that things like the dash, shift cuts and even shift lights were working properly before getting to WTAC. 

An interesting addition to the GTR this year is a set of pulsing blue lights on the bottom of the bumper,Steve tells us more “At the end of the day, it’s all about the one lap and if those lights are enough to maybe trigger somebody who not on a fast lap to maybe trigger them to come in early and are out of the way, it could mean the difference between winning and losing the weekend. 

Steve and the team have a podium position in their sights, so make sure you keep a close eye on the Link ECO Open Class. 

Check out the chat we had with Steve during their test day