The Time Attack racing format

Time Attack, also known as Superlap originated in Japan in the 80s as a proving ground for street-tuned cars built by highly respected tuning companies. With a quick rise in popularity, the event became well-known and tuner shops started developing race cars purpose-built for the event. Within a short period of time the Time Attack format has spread throughout the world, with the US, UK, New Zealand and Australia all hosting their own national events. The inaugural Superlap Australia event was held in 2008 at Oran Park Raceway.

Superlap format is not unlike a qualifying lap in traditional motorsport with competitors racing against the clock with the fastest single lap collecting the prize. The most exciting thing about this type of racing is the fact that the rules are limited almost purely to the safety aspects meaning the vehicles can have almost unlimited modifications making for some seriously spectacular on track action.

It is not uncommon to see Nissan Skylines with 800+ horsepower and Mitsubishi EVOs and Subarus with 600+ hp battling it out for brand supremacy. The allegiance of fans to a particular brand is no different to the traditional Holden Vs Ford rivalry that we have become accustomed to in Australia.

In the past, each of the countries running its own Time Attack series would crown its national champion. As prestigious as it is, the title remained a regional one as there has never been an international event that provided an arena for the best in the world to compete against each other. This about to change.

The 2010 World Time Attack Challenge

In 2010 We have invited the best and the quickest teams from the US and Japan and put them up against the best Australian Time Attack teams. With a star-studded field, this is not only going to be the World’s first but also the World’s biggest event of its kind. The best in the world going head to head for the ultimate title of the World Time Attack Champion!

This is the first and possibly only chance you’ll get to see all the best World Time Attack teams racing at one circuit! Mark your calendars now, this event is NOT TO BE MISSED!

Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd May, 2010 at Eastern Creek International Raceway, Sydney, Australia.

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