Whats Hot and not to be missed at WTAC 2018!

Every year the insanity of World Time Attack Challenge seems to almost naturally step it up a few notches and 2018 is certainly no different. Every year the teams across all classes return to their garages and like a bunch of mad professors spend a whole 12 months designing, building and perfecting every small detail to give them that small competitive edge over the competition before returning to Sydney Motorsport Park in October and turn everything up to eleven and chase that ONE PERFECT LAP. But WTAC is so much more than just this these days. This is now a motorsport and car culture festival of epic proportions encompassing not only the fastest time attack cars on the planet but so much more! You can also watch the world’s best drifters, the Stylized Show and Shine featuring the best show cars and car culture, a sold out trader alley, and the midday mayhem will really blow everyone away this year. There is also the Flying 500 where Australia fastest street cars belt up the main straight to see who is the fastest and the HKS TRB-03! 2018 is ONE YEAR YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS!

Royal Purple Pro Class

With four cars entered in the top line Pro Class this is likely to be the most competitive year ever as any one of these four cars could be capable of winning. First up we have the reigning champions MCA Suspension returning with some slight refinements on what is already a high developed package. Carbon fibre brakes reduce unsprung weight and some more aerodynamic work will see the team come into WTAC 2018 confident in their new wheelman Warren Luff who has been spotted testing in the car at Queensland Raceway. The RP968 now has the full billet 4-litre Elmer Racing engine installed and we have seen it run on the dyno. This car is state of the art and all that was lacking  in previous years was power. And this new mill should certainly fix this problem with a claimed 1500hp capability! Once again Barton Mawer will be behind the wheel and if these guys can get all their ducks in a row, they will be hard to beat with simulations showing times well into the teens. Under Suzuki will return in a “fresh build” on his S15 Silvia that he has secretly been building in the corner of the Scorch Racing workshop. This build features updated aero, an Albins paddle shift transaxle to aid in better weight distribution, revised suspension geometry and more. The biggest hurdle for him is time, with the car missing the shipping date as he worked day and night to complete the massive undertaking. We have worked with his sponsors and now have the budget secured to air freight the vehicle here on the event week, but there will be little time left for testing and he will need to hit the ground running. It is not the first time Under has been in this situation though, so we should never underestimate him. Finally Fire Ando from Japan has radically upgraded his Evo 9 and is now running the iconic Escort Racing livery. Now featuring a full billet block, carbon fibre brakes, a bigger GCG turbo and healthy diet of ethanol and nitrous oxide he should never be underestimated, particularly with the experienced Escort team behind him. 

Royal Purple Pro Am Class

With Canada, Switzerland, Singapore all fielding entries in Pro Am this class is truly stacked this year. And with 3X Pro Class champion Tilton Racing returning with team principle Kosta Pohurukov behind the wheel, this will certainly throw a cat amongst the pigeons. Canadian William Au Yeung now claims the title of the fastest time attack car in the whole of North America and he will be returning in his radically revised Vibrant Performance / PZ Tuning Honda Civic with only one goal in mind, to take the big trophy home with him. Swiss power couple Olivia Merlini and Serse Zeli have shipped their full carbon fibre bodied, Andrew Brilliant designed J Spec Performance Evo X all the way from Switzerland to join the party and may surprise more than a few. Dale Malone has been busy bringing his ex-Super GT Nismo S15 up to full time attack spec and is happy with the progress so far. An aero update, fresh engine build and some chassis fine tuning are all on the list of things completed. Eddie Ng has made trip over for the first time ever from Singapore in his 700hp Choons Motor Works Mazda RX7 and is looking forward to joining the mix. 

Link ECU Open Class

If there is any class we expect to see times really tumble it is the Open Class. There are so many teams that have seriously amped it up to 11 this year. It’s astonishing to watch cars testing on old tyres and ‘moderate boost’ and running lap times that would have won Pro Class a few short years ago. Leading the way are current champions JDM Yard and their insane Honda Civic. With a “around a thousand” horsepower and revised aero and suspension these guys are always hard to beat. Matt Longhurst has gone to town on his Integrated Motorsport R34 GTR and this must be, without question, the fastest R34 on the planet right now. Running a billet block with alloy connecting rods, carbon brakes, new Supashock suspension and a new twin Garrett turbo setup the claim is over 800kw at all four wheels. V-Sport have also gone to town on their VK56 V8 powered Toyota 86 with a whole new aero package. Josh Coote has done similar aero shakeup on the MCA Suspension VR38DETT powered 1000hp Toyota 86. We are uncertain what has been done to the Global Aircraft Services Evo 9 but you can rest assured that McLaren hotshot Nathan Morcom will get every bit out of it, and should never be underestimated for the podium. The WBT GTR has also undergone big overhaul with a fresh 1000hp billet engine and bunch of other upgrades. Ex-V8 Supercar driver Steve Johnson stated “its an entirely different car” at the last test day. Nick Ashwin of NA Autosport should never be underestimated either and is always right near the pointy end in his Evo 6. The Xtreme GTR is a dark horse for 2018 with highly experienced John Boston behind the wheel and another 1000hp billet engine deals with all the fruit. Then we have American Cole Powelson returning to drive the brand new carbon fibre S14 from Topstage Composites. R-Performance Switzerland throw their hat in the ring with a  Honda Integra specially built to compete at WTAC with their pro driver Hannes Mahler making the trip down under to handle the wheel work. Choons Motor Works from Singapore have another Honda Integra entered for Gerald Goh. Then of course throw in Tarzan Yamada in the JUN Hyper Lemon 350Z and you can start to see this really is not to be missed! Oh yeah and wait until we show you what Keiichi Tsuchiya is driving this year!

V-Sport Clubsprint Class

The V-Sport Clubsprint Class really is anyone’s race this year. BYP have Steven Wan entered in a car certainly capable of finishing at he front and David Dalrymple also has his R32 GTR dialled in.. Andrew Wegner is always fast in his S2000 and reigning champ Jordan Cox has the skills without question in the Street FX Hyundai i30 although the car is probably not at the level of spec yet required to win Clubsprint but will be good to watch regardless. Robert Elasser is making the long trip down from Switzerland in his Honda Civic and Melbourne performance powerhouse Harrop has a three car team entered. As every year are always a bunch of dark horses in this class that turn up and surprise everyone! It really is anyones guess this year!


This is something everyone wants to see! Japanese tuning giant HKS are shipping the insane Toyota 86 known as HKS TRB-03 to Sydney for WTAC 2018. This is a seven-figure build with one goal in mind – to be the fastest tin top around Tsukuba. This was achieved amid a sea of controversy due to running on a slick tyre. While this car does not comply to WTAC rules, we thought it would be way cool to see just how fast around Sydney Motorsport Park it is compared to the top pro cars. Running a radically modified version of the original FA20 engine will certainly be a big ask against the billet engine monsters in Pro Class, but it will certainly be interesting to see and it is still one hell cool car particularly with Nob Taniguchi flying in to handle the driving!


One Perfect Lap – Official Book Release

Thats right we wrote a book! All the cool cars, the drivers and the sights and atmosphere of WTAC in 128 pages of hardcover goodness. One Perfect Lap is a year by year chronicle capturing all the highlights and featuring many never before seen photos, infographics and car features on all of your favourite cars. This is not to be missed by any true time attack fan! As a true bonus we will be having book signings during the event where you can get your book signed by all the legends – Keichii Tsuchiya, Tarzan Yamada, Under Suzuki, Nob Taniguchi, Garth Walden, Warren Luff and many more. This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a seriously collectable piece of history! 

PGM V8 Motorcycle

Now we are normally a car only event but when a guy contacts us from Melbourne and tells us he has built the most powerful production motorcycle in the world would we like to have it at WTAC we were like “hell yeah why not”. With 334hp and 242kg you can start to do the math! It is effectively two Yamaha R1 engines joined together to make V8 and sounds way cool. So we couldn’t just have it sit idle on a stand either. We will be sending three times Australian Superbike champion Shawn Giles out for some full noise laps during the midday mayhem!! 

Turbosmart Flying 500 Workshop Battle

As part of the midday mayhem segment the Turbosmart Flying 500 is always a hit with the fans and this year we are bringing in the big guns. The premise is simple find Australias fastest “true” street cars and set them loose one by one up the main straight of SMSP to see who is the FASTEST. This year we have made it a workshop battle so we will see all the big names bring their fastest! Think Maatouks, Croydon Racing, Micks Motorsport, Sams Performance and a whole bunch more. 1200hp is the starting point this year so it will get real interesting!

Prep’d Motorsport Legends

A trip down memory lane. Famous cars from a bygone era. Over the years we have had all the famous Group A GTRs, Ford Sierras, WRC cars, Group B rally cars and much more. On display over the weekend and on Saturday as part of the midday mayhem we let them all out on track for a few full noise laps!!

International Drifting Cup presented by Garrett Advancing Motion

This is something we are all REALLY excited about and will shake up the sport of drifting. The concept was simple. Let’s rewrite the rulebook, get rid of the drawn out boring bits, let’s sharpen the format right up for the fans. Then we bring in the best drivers and the craziest cars from all corners of the globe for two nights of insane door banging action, with an easy to understand format and minimal downtime. So from Japan we start with the genuine OG D1GP Champion Nob Taniguchi in the crazy as all hell HKS Toyota 86 drift car. Also from Japan the original wild child Naoki Nakamura in an 1100hp “Pinkstyle” special. The iconic Japanese Drift Samurai will also be appearing in the insane Crazy Dog RX7. Then we headed “across the ditch” to find the best of the Kiwis. Fanga Dan Woolhouse was first on the list with his Vaughn Gitten Jr built 900hp Mustang. The sound of the Roush Nascar based engine is on another level. Carl Thompson is another with an equally impressive setup and now in the iconic Falken “teal and blue” livery. Jaron Olivecronia may not be a household name in the drift world yet, but that is also about to change. Just wait till the world hears the insane wail of the Hartley V12 powered S14 Silvia! And finally Jase Brown in the Frankenstein with a Rocket Bunny kitted 671 supercharged, Toyota powered Silvia guaranteed to snap necks! Of course we have all the usual Aussies and also some new blood. Names like Beau Yates, Jake Jones, Luke Fink, Levi Clarke, Josh Botcher and many many more. And talk about some crazy cars! An XD Falcon with a 800hp Barra engine? Hell yeah. A Hilux ute with a 1000hp turbocharged V8 supercar engine? Why not! And finally two of the hottest drift superstars not he planet right now all the way from Ireland Jack and Conor Shanahan. Both who pack years of experience way beyond their years. Jack is 19 and Conor is 15. yep you read that right FIFTEEN and we are gonna set him loose in an 800hp turbo LS2 powered Silvia! Any questions? Don’t bother just TURN UP AND WATCH THIS!

Shannon’s Stylized Modified Car Show

This year will see us hand the reigns of the Stylized show to the Downshift crew. These guys have been setting the standard of cool car shows around the country for a long time. But for WTAC we asked them to amp it up a few notches! You will see a whole bunch of new reveals, listen to some cool beats and immerse yourself in real car culture as you take a bit of a break from the trackside action on the Saturday. Take the time to walk around and check it all out you never know what you will see or who you will bump into.

So there it is there is all that and LOADS more! For those that can’t make the long trip out we provide a ultra high television quality live stream but anyone that has ever attended will tell you – WTAC is an event YOU MUST SEE IN PERSON! You just can’t beat the atmosphere at the track – quite simply we call it WTAC FEVER! Grab a ticket and see you there!