WORLD FIRST! Rob ‘Chairslayer’ Parsons to drive LYFE GT-R at WTAC 2019

Rob Parsons, popularly known as ‘Chairslayer’, becomes the world’s first wheelchair-bound time attack driver when he gets in the seat of the LYFE Motorsport R35 in Pro Class this October 18-19 at the Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge!

Parsons is well known for his work with the Hoonigans, and also his extensive work with his Chairslayer foundation, a group dedicated to getting wheelchair-bound persons back in the driver’s seat with motorsport-oriented hand control systems – he also happens to be a ‘guy at the shop designing parts and solving problems’ at LYFE Motorsport.

Cole Powelson, who will steer the 1200HP monster in Pro Class, is out for redemption to recapture the title of ‘Fastest North American Time Attack Car’, something currently held by PZ Tuning’s William Au Yeung from Canada. 

Adding to his program for 2019, Cole identified that he would try to make the most of the GT-R’s trip back home to its spiritual birthplace. (Lovingly, the car is named Sydney!)

“He [Rob] is famous in the drift world and the dude absolutely shreds! It came to my attention that we have the opportunity to do something pretty cool, pretty special,” says Powelson.

The only modifications to the car to accomodate Rob were the access to pedal controls. The car is now fitted with a hand control system to allow Rob to brake and accelerate with a lever next to the steering wheel. 

“Putting this hand control system is was super easy! It’s just a system you buy off the shelf by a company called MPS,” says Parsons. 

A small modification was made to the brake pedal to ensure Parsons would have an ample 1600PSI of braking pressure.

Rob looks forward to rubbing shoulders in the pits with the likes of Keiichi Tsuchiya, Tarzan Yamada and many more legendary names. See below for a video with Cole and Rob sharing this announcement!

Be there as Rob becomes the first wheelchair-bound time attack racer in HISTORY! Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge will be held 18-19 October 2019. Tickets are on sale NOW at