With the World Time Attack now only a matter of weeks away we can now confirm we have media representatives coming from all corners of the globe. What this means is that no matter where you are in the world we can assure you that you will be able to see and read about the event!

This will be THE BIGGEST TIME ATTACK EVENT IN THE WORLD bar none  and we have gone out of our way to make sure you can see it. What this means for racers and their sponsors is that the global audience will now unquestionably be well into the millions, something that to date no other time attack event could lay claim to, and we will be including live updates throughout the day at

The response to this event has been so great that we have now had to close media applications (except international) as we simply have too many applications. If you are an international media outlet or feel you have an exceptional circumstance please contact

Listed below are just some of the press and online publications whose representatives will be attending the World Time Attack Challenge:


Motor Magazine (AUS)
Top Gear Magazine (AUS)
HOT4s Magazine (AUS)
High Performance Imports Magazine (AUS)
Auto Action Magazine (AUS)
Motorsport News (AUS)
Just Cars Magazine (AUS)
Fast Fours Magazine (AUS)
Motor Racing Australia Magazine (AUS)
Fairfax Newspapers (AUS)
Tarmac Magazine (AUS)

Revspeed Magazine (JAP)
Option Magazine (JAP)

Banzai Magazine (UK)
MaxPower (UK)

Modified Magazine (USA)
SuperStreet (USA)
D-Sport Magazine (USA)

New Zealand Performance Car (NZ)