XTREME GT-R locked and loaded for WTAC 2019

Michele Guyer and the team at XTREME GT-R are in a very rare position at this part of the WTAC calendar. They’re all assembled and testing well in advance of the October 18-19 event date. With 12 weeks to go and counting, the Open Class team have already tested at Wakefield and Symmons Plains and are ready to head to Wakefield in a few weeks to compete in Aus Time Attack. The car was recently up in Sydney so we decided to take it out for a nice day out in the sun!

The XTREME GT-R has been a mainstay at World Time Attack Challenge for the last few years and are a fan favourite in the pits. The most striking feature of the car is the sheer amount of glossy carbon weave that spans the panels on this R32 GT-R. 

“The only parts of the car that aren’t carbon are the chassis and the pillars! Every panel including the roof are carbon,” says Michele Guyer, owner of XTREME GT-R.

“The work of Freddy from Topstage Composites is marvellous. The weave alignment is perfect all the way. He goes around curves without scrunching that pattern. He’s still kept it looking very R32 as well, and it hasn’t ended up looking too ‘Frankenstein’.”

Under the hood, the GT-R retains its six-cylinder RB heart, although expanded to a 2.8L capacity with a billet block. It’s also now strapped with a Precision 6870 with 1.32 split-pulse rear housing. Brad Sheriff from Boost Automotive, one of the masterminds behind the MCA Hammerhead, has the RB singing on his dyno to the tune of about 1100HP.

“I would hate to set a target and not hit it, so I’d rather underestimate rather than overestimate our capabilities. We’d like to get into the 1:28-1:27 mark,” says Michele.

Of the new additions to the car for its 2019 campaign, the transmission has converted to paddle-shift, new carbon-carbon brakes and rotors by AP Racing, and the GT-R is also fitted with a live telemetry system as well, so data can be monitored on-the-go.

“Our most important goal is to bring the car home in one piece. To lose everything like we did in the fire from a few years ago, I don’t ever want to experience that again.”

“Brad Sheriff from Boost Automotive in Tasmania really led the build of the XTREME GT-R this year, and in terms of development, it wasn’t done in the sense that we were undoing and redoing stuff, but more that Brad was refining and honing the car further with what we had and added,” says Michele.

“We did some testing on the suspension and handling with Murray Coote (MCA Suspension) and Brad Sheriff out at Symmons Plains and since then the handling is just at a new level.”

The car pushes more and more G-forces around the track and this year the car’s been fitted with a surge tank in the boot to rectify any fuel feed issues – and the car saves a little more weight by running less fuel.

“WTAC is the epitome, it’s the event we aim for. There’s something exciting about it… The aura? I’ve had people from the USA say they travelled to come see our car and it makes us so proud. It makes us pretty emotional to hear it because the work we put into it… It’s damn hard!” says Michele of what WTAC means to the team in their racing calendar.

“There’s no use building a time attack car anywhere and not taking it to World Time Attack… That’s just weird!”

No official statement regarding who will drive this amazing machine at the Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge, but production car racer Brad Shiels has been spotted out testing in this at Wakefield to great success, so one can assume if all goes well he will be the one behind the wheel come October 18-19….

Come see the XTREME GT-R aim for the Open Class trophy at the Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge in Sydney on October 18-19! Buy your tickets today at: http://tickets.worldtimeattack.com/