Yokohama to display HKS CT230R at WTAC

Yokohama Australia has announced they will be displaying the legendary HKS CT230R at World Time Attack Challenge. This is the car that is the undisputed king of Tsukuba circuit with a time of 53.56 that Nob Tanaguchi ran way back in 2006 setting a record that still stands to this day, and it is only in recent times that the Revolution RX7 has got close with a time of 53.6 seconds. This car was built by tuning powerhouse HKS with an almost limitless budget drawing on this companies many years of race experience and resources is regarded by many worldwide as “the best tuner car ever built”

After shattering the Tsukuba circuit record the car was then shipped to the USA where it competed in the Buttonwillow Superlap event in 2007 and once again shattered the record with a time of 1.43.5 when the overall track record at the time was 1.48.7. This record stood for several years until Sierra Sierra managed a 1.43.2 in March 2010 a time that has since dropped way down into the low 1.40s but in all fairness these times were set on a DOT USA radials not what we in Australia know as a semi slick that the CT230R ran on.

Although this car has long since retired from active duty, Yokohama Australia, with the help of HKS Australia, will be importing it specifically for display purposes at World Time Attack.

“HKS and Yokohama have had a very long history together and this car is an absolute icon in the world of time attack racing” said Yokohama Australia marketing manager Christian Hansen “And we thought it would be a fantastic idea to bring this car to Australia to give the fans probably the only opportunity they will ever get to get up close and personal with a car they would only have ever read about, and it also showcases our products being used by the very best in the business”

The CT230R will be displayed on the Yokohama stand for the duration of the event and there will be selected times throughout the day on the Saturday when the vehicle will be rolled out and fans will have the opportunity to have their photo taken with this legendary vehicle.